28 August 2013

things i want right now, a movie worth seeing and some blogs worth visiting

photo 1 stil inspiration, 2 øyvind wyller, 3 screenshot, 4 varpunen, 5 trettien

oh, yes
i am still very much loving dusty pink details,
and i have been for quite a while now...
i think the sweet color works great in combination with black, white or/and grey
helps to give it a bit more attitude
don't want it to be too sweet either

links to the collage

the first image is styled by pella hedeby, i love this way of displaying magazines and favorite covers.
the second one is the pendant lamp designed by øyvind wyller, made out of glass and with leather straps. it actually gives me some kind of association to darth vader... so cool! the bulb looks amazing and really gives it that final touch. the screenshot is from the french movie, la délicatesse. a quite quirky and romantic comedy. loved it! oh, and this months big release, the ok (omin käsin) book, a collaboration between two finish design bloggers, susanna vento and riikka kantinkoski, filled with creative diy-projects and wonderful images and styling. i want it! and i am sooo loving the norwegian blog trettien at the moment; cathrine's livingroom, the last image, looks so great, the perfect soft color combination in contrast to the the hay coffe table, wich i also really really really want.


  1. I'm with you in the liking of dusty pink, though I prefer it paired with grey than black and white.

  2. Love, love, love like always!!! :) good to see you !

  3. I looove the dusty pink colour scheme! Such a pretty collectionxx

  4. Ååå, så fint du har gjort. Blir så glad att du visar min bild! :)
    Ha en fin dag! <3


  5. I love ANYTHING Audrey Tautou is in so I'm going to go ahead and find that movie now. Thanks for the beautiful images!



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