26 August 2013

oh, those fishbone floors

photo lars kaslov via bo bedre found here

i don't know if you've already seen this clean and spacious
i've kind of lost a little bit of what's been posted all over the blog sphere
lately, and the last couple of months
...but i just had to post these images 
i find myself obsessing over fishbone floors (always!) and
pastel pink details at the moment

the summer is still on here in oslo
almost to good to be true... warm weather
and sunshine, sunshine, sunshiiine

so much easier to retain that magical summer feeling 
although this years holiday is over

hoping the sunny days will last for a long, long time
(...although autumn is actually 
my favorite season of them all)


  1. I know!
    Så til og med noen som hadde malt dem hvite , blir ikke mye penere enn det :)


  2. I love these floors, they work so well with the colours in those homes!xx

  3. helt enig! flotte gulv og jeg har og dilla på den fargen ;)
    ha en fortsatt finfin sensommer!

  4. I am big fan of these floors... looks amazing with the black, white and soft pink :-) Have a great day :-)


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