09 May 2012

every day counts - book review

photos from the book fest hver dag

a little while back, i mentioned a new book from IKEA, a book about inspiring table settings and recipes, and now i am so happy to have received the book, called fest hver dag (every day counts) to do a book review for you!

i was really excited about this book, after seeing some of the photos from it here. and guess what? the book is even better than i expected. it is filled with the most inspiring table settings, in different colours, themes and for different seasons. the first part has a chapter for every day of the week, and the last part contains a collection of yummy recipes presented in the first part. 

the first and largest part of the book is printed on matte paper, which suites the photos very nicely, i just love that matte feeling. it presents several decorating ideas for easter, a tea party, weddings, picnic, christmas etc and some creative recipes to go along with it. the second part of the book is filled with delicious recipes, printed on glossier paper, -for sticky fingers, yeay!

i believe this is a book everyone can enjoy, because of the mixture of styles. some of the decorating ideas are simple black and white, some colorful and retro, others white and woody, playful, -and soft pastel pink.

i personally think the price is very reasonable and it makes a perfect gift as well. 
bonus: along with the book you get a collection of sweet postcards with images from the book.

you can read more about the book (in norwegian) here
the book can be purchased at your local IKEA store now.


  1. herlige bilder du viser :)

    ha ein fin dag.


    Vi har en liten give away på gang, kom og bli med.

  2. Den så flott ut..må sjekkes ut!!
    Ønsker deg en fin fin dag,søte!!!
    Jeg pakker til Paris !! Wiiii

    God klem:)

  3. Tack för tipset! Den ska jag absolut köpa! :)

  4. Great! I didn't know about the book so thanks for sharing, have a lovely day!.

  5. Wow, lekkert, den såg vell verdt å kjøpe ut! For noen delikate bilder!

  6. Oh :) Den har jeg lyst på!
    Takk for tipset :)


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