30 October 2011

falling in love with mustard yellow

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just had to knit myself a pair of wrist warmers this weekend, in a golden mustard yellow colour, totally inspired by the autumn colours this year and this wonderfully colourinspiring blog post. sooo looking forward to wearing my alpaca and silk blended wrist warmers over my leather gloves to keep me warm during winter.

treated my self really well this weekend -with a new hair colour and haircut, i love changing my looks a little bit just as the seasons are changing. my way of getting ready for new beginnings.

hoping your weekend was a wonderful one, as well


  1. Så spennende med fornyelse på håret,
    blir nysgjerrig jeg ; ) Høres hvertfall ut som du har hatt en fiin helg! Håper uken blir like god,
    klemmer til deg : )

  2. Ah, de var fine. Elsker fargen!

    Har ei ugle liggende klar til deg her :) Skal se om ikke jeg kan få sendt den i morra eller tirsdag :)

    Håper du har hatt en strålende helg!

  3. Vilken väldigt väldigt smart id'e!
    Din blogg är så fin, så inspirerande! Tack!
    / Ulrika

  4. Wow vad fina!! Love ♥ Har precis bloggat om senapsgult och visst är det en underbar färg nu till hösten, både inne, ute och på vristvärmare!

    Ha en mysig kväll!

    Kramar Linda

  5. i love your blog. your style is great. would love it if youd check out mine and follow me back if you like.


    It also features my recently launched scarf line, 'charlotte & lisa'

  6. Herlig..
    Ønsker deg en nydelig mandag..og en flott uke..du fine!
    Klem :)

  7. this is one of my favourite colours! I find it very hard to find yarn though

  8. falling in love with that stretchy kitty cat!

  9. totally in love with this colour too!


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