31 October 2011

monday morning inspiration

photos souvenirs

lovely colourcombinations and photography by endlessly inspiring souvenirs, found via sweet v
a lovely way to start off this new week i think. 

i have a projects going on these days, and i'm so excited to tell you what it is. just have to wait a little bit longer. taking one step at a time. so, today i've got a lot of organizing to do, making room for a work space and of course making time to browse through your lovely blogs, keeping me updated on what you have been up to this weekend.


  1. Herlig farger sammen!
    Gleder meg til å høre mer om prosjektet ditt!
    Klem Tonje

  2. hey!
    i've just found your blog and i LOVE it!!!

    Love the first photo..so beautiful..!

    Follow you! it would be nice if you follow back!!



  3. Hi! And thank you so much - for this post and your lovely comment you left on my blog! You're so sweet:)
    This place of yours is truly lovely too..
    Have a nice Monday&new week!

  4. i LOVE her photos!!!

    tusen takk for
    søte ord søte deg : )



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