12 November 2014

S T Y L I N G X 3

photo marcus lawett interior design tina hellberg

the swedish real estate agency FASTIGHETSBYRÅN just revealed their latest pr project. they have engaged three well known interior stylists to decorate the same stockholm based apartment with three different and personal styles. you can see the various outcomes over at FASTIGHETSBYRÅN

i am stunned by TINA HELLBERGs styling of the apartment. i feel like moving in. right now! be sure to check out the other two completely different styling options as well by HANS BLOMQUIST and MIKAEL BECKMAN. you can hardly tell it's the same apartment...

the project is based on a psychology study and a scientific perspective on how home styling affects sales. feel free to read more about it (in swedish) over HERE

i just love it when real estate agencies get creative and start thinking outside the box!

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