06 December 2013

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE - the edgy gifts

oh, the days are just flying by and we are one week into december already. 

here's a new gift guide for you, filled with some really cool stuff! 

first of all, an awesome CAMERA LEATHER STRAP designed by the norwegian fashion and lifestyle blogger CAMILLA PIHL in collaboration with DAVID ANDERSEN, a wool beanie by norwegian FWSS, a ridiculously cool chair -the CHAIR ONE, a CERAMIC FACETED BOWL with a matte outside and shiny inside, a two piece twist back BIKINI by EPHEMERA, matte metal PYRAMID designed by ANNA-LEENA, the POV CANDLEHOLDER series from MENU, a classic black handbag is never wrong and the CÉLINE trio is MY FAVORITE PICK, and lastly a large, warm wool scarf from ACNE.

wishing you all 
a wonderful weekend

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  1. such a beautiful gifts... they all good be on my wishlist ;-)) Really feld for the pov candleholder from menu... my absolute favorite these days! Wish you a happy weekend... enjoy!


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