01 November 2013

blomme - for the love of dutch design

a while back i got an email from anca
where she introduced her new project

blomme is a norwegian company
basically importing beautiful dutch design to norway
-luckily for us-
making dutch design more available in shops around
our country

a tiny selection of retailers in norway carrying blommes selection
check out the entire list here

blomme also has a webshop

i love ancas selection of designers
and i definitely got these earrings
on my christmas wish list this year

i made a collage with some of my personal favorites:

honeycombs from engel
candles from ontwerpduo
leather goods from keecie
paper christmas trees from engel
and textiles from tas-ka

weekend is finally here
relax & enjoy!


  1. Jeg har fått skikkelig sansen for Nederlandsk design (kanskje ikke så rart etter som jeg bor sammen med en nederlender) og ønsker Blomme hjertelig velkommen :)

    Finfin søndag til deg

  2. Hei,
    Så mye lekkert!! Og nydelige farger. Fin uke til deg. Tusen takk for fine ord inne hos meg:)


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