11 September 2013

just another reason to go to amsterdam



photo marjon hoogervorst, styling anoukb, used with permission

i came across these wonderful images yesterday
and fell in love immediately

a successful collaboration between the fashion brand YAYA
and concept developer ANOUKB
resulted in this beautiful flagship store 
in the Netherlands

i just love the soft, inviting and relaxed atmosphere 


  1. Å ja! Dette var fint! Nederlendere altså, de får
    det virkelig til : )

    God onsdag til deg,
    KLEM : )

  2. Elsker det litt "tilfeldige" i enkelte av rommene, lekkert!


  3. I know what you mean, I just love the use of wood like this alsoxx

  4. Jag älskar färgerna och känslan, jätte fint!

  5. C'est superbe!!!
    Merci pour le partage.
    Très très bon weekend.

    Amorelou, with love!


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