28 January 2013

copper copper copper

© anour, used with permission

i am a huge fan of the copper trend right now
i especially love how tiny details of copper adds a bit of 
warmth to white, clean spaces

and this stunning led lamp a_light is definitely something i would
love to brighten up my future studio or my dining space

the lamp is designed by architect arash nourinejad
you can read more about the lamp here

you might have seen arash and his family's
inspiring home (dk) in boligmagasinet last year?
arash is also the designer of a lot of the furnitures
in their home, the module system a_box

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  1. So beautiful pendant! Do love copper, it's such a great contrast to the Nordic style with wood and like you say, the white :-) yes quite a jaw dropping space they live in :-) thank you for the inspiration and have a great week :-)


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