18 November 2012

while waiting for december

© wsake, found via the inspiring matimuk 

getting in that pre-christmas spirit today

filling my home with the wonderful scent of cloves
from a inez&elsa candle made by the boman family

eating tons of clementines 
drinking spicy tea

ordering this years christmas cards 
and christmas present wrappings

and making an advent calendar

embracing that tiny bit of sweeet christmas spirit
maybe a little bit to early for some of you, 
or . . . ?


  1. beautiful soft christmas mood images... really love them <3

  2. Aww... you've just made the Boman family's Sunday so much sweeter... Thank you!!! xo

  3. La magie de noël est déjà présente. Merci pour ces superbes photos.

  4. your cards are on their way... this post of yours made me so happy... such a pretty blog (and i ordered the oversized sweater too, can´t wait for it to arrive!). thank you!

  5. not too early. clementines, spicy tea, cloves, oh my! your mood list inspires that christmas mood in this girl too!


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