05 October 2012


finally friday
and some sunny days ahead
autumn is best

going to do some painting in the kitchen this weekend
hopefully i will find the perfect warm blue-grey-purple shade

love this harmonic livingroom corner from
ane cortzen and benjamin weber's home

and a sweet tune for today

happy weekeeend


  1. Good luck with the painting work... hope the shades will be just fine... happy weekend v... thanks for sharing this amazing living.... love the serenity... elvx

  2. Lovely room!, love those chairs.
    Enjoy your weekend and good luck with the painting!

  3. Veldig fin stue,med så enkle men gode detaljer.
    Håper du finner fargen "din" og at vi får en kikke på prosjektet ditt etter hvert.

    Fredagsklem fra meg!

  4. Enjoy your painting work!!Happy weekend!
    The photo --> Super!

  5. great pairing of the music and pic...can't seem to get CHVRCHES here in the States but love their sound!


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