03 October 2012

autumn cravings

collage © cherry blossom blog

fifteen norwegian bloggers, including me, 
just made their autumn cravings official over at klikk.no

so many things to crave,
luckily my first string pocket is in the house

my collection of the eva trio white line pots is growing larger, 
they make cooking even mooore fun

and i will definitely get myself some pretty soft pink höganës espresso cups, 
very sooon

the links to the items in my collage


  1. Så mycket fint.
    Ett härligt collage.


  2. Her kunne jeg tenkt meg alt!
    ..Er faktisk et lite tastetrykk unna den tapeten..hehe;) Også den stringhyllen da..*Sukk*
    Det er heldigvis ikke så altfor lenge til jul;)


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