03 March 2014

the perks of being a blogger

in december, right before christmas, i got the chance to stay one night in the BLOGGER'S INN concept room at the lovely SCANDIC VULCAN HOTEL in OSLO -which i really enjoyed!

SCANDIC VULCAN HOTEL is supporting bloggers of different kinds, so if you are a blogger or entrepreneur with work-related activities in OSLO you can APPLY to stay cost-free at the BLOGGER'S INN concept room

the SCANDIC VULCAN HOTEL offers a cost-free hotel room, breakfast included, equipped with an iPad, remote control and 
tripod for your camera, wireless speakers etc to meet your needs as a blogger

you can easily apply to stay at the BLOGGER'S INN concept room HERE


  1. what an interesting idea! i will definitely be looking into this. thanks for sharing!

    january, x

  2. Must have been fantastic to be in that hotel... thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! hugs


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