02 December 2013

winter blossom

a pretty japanese origami ball - a kusudama
it's a fun-to-make and decorative winter blossom

easy to fold
takes a little bit of time
but it is definitely worth it

you need
a ruler
a pair of scissors or paper scalpel
paper glue
a silk ribbon for hanging

start with cutting squares 7x7cm (in the end the ball will measure 13 cm in diameters)
you will need a total of 60 squares

the tutorial i've made show you how to fold one basic shape step-by-step
when you finish step 13, you glue the two folded parts together and it will look like a kind of cone shape

when you have folded and glued each of the 5 cones, you glue these together like a flower in step 14
(be patient and let the glue dry in-between)

you will then need a total of 12 complete flowers (step 14) made out of 5 cones - and then you start to glue the flowers together, starting with one half of the ball, and remember to glue the ribbon in the middle, glue the other half of the ball, and finally glue the two halves together - and you are done!


  1. Wow that is so stunning and looks so complicated but very beautiful! I'll give it a try! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh I love it!! But I never have the patience with origami things.. But I just might try it out :)

  3. Oh it looks so wonderful... love it!!!

  4. you are truly brilliant, lovely blogger. can't wait to give it a try.


  5. Que c'est joliiiiiii!!!!!

    Amorelou, with love.


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