15 December 2013

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE - the taste-good gifts

today i've got some tasty gift ideas for you, it's all about the cookbooks. i believe a good cookbook is never wrong to either give away or receive. here are my favorite picks for this christmas.

THE KINFOLK TABLE (as seen in the picture above) is a beautiful cookbook from the creators of the KINFOLK magazine, and it's a collection of 85 recipes for small gatherings, some of the recipes refreshingly simple. read more about the book HERE.

THE GREEN KITCHEN my personal favorite, 100 healthy, super tasty vegetarian recipes using whole food and organic products. the entire book is a colorful feast for the eye, just pop on over to their BLOG and you'll get the picture...

GRØNT, another cookbook focusing on vegetarian food and inspires healthy eating. written by camilla jensen. this is unfortunately only written in norwegian, but you can take a look inside over HERE.

TILBAKE TIL RØTTENE (the stone age diet) healthy eating, -the PALEO way, created by danish michelin-starred chef thomas rode andersen, available in NORWEGIAN, SWEDISH and DANISH.

WHAT KATIE ATE 107 unique and gorgeous recipes collected in a beautiful cookbook with a rustic feel, written and photographed by katie quinn davis, who is also the creator of the amazingly beautiful WHAT KATIE ATE food-blog.

CEREAL MAGAZINE an independent food and travel journal published quarterly. each volume of CEREAL contains detailed expositions of food, travel destinations, as well as profiles on products, people and places. since this is a magazine, and not an actual cookbook, a whole years SUBSCRIPTION would be pretty awesome to give away to someone special.

be sure to check out different online stores for delivery dates on receiving your books in time for christmas, or visit your local bookstore for the titles above.


  1. what a wonderful selection!

    i am dreaming of 'the green kitchen' and so proud of my kinfolk table :)

  2. Beautiful and simplistic styling! Love it!


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