25 August 2013

when renovating looks this good...

bolina, a wonderful interior and fashion shop just outside of oslo
is expanding with a second shop these days, 
and i just couldn't help myself from falling in love 
with these images from the inside of their new location, stasjonen

they are renovating at the moment and i am so excited to see how this turns out

check out bolina's blog and facebook for updates on their new opening
and if you don't live nearby bolina, you can browse their online shop for a great selection
of interiors and fashion

these images definitely inspires to do some painting in the apartment today
no lazy sunday here



  1. how nice you come back to the blog,
    perfect sunday to painting when is raining outside like here
    Have a lovely day

  2. Hi there!! hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    The shop seems like is going to look great.



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