24 February 2013

a munich city guide

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the landmark notes - a city guide and notebook all in one

what's better than a city guide with plenty of room for your own notes? ...a guide to hidden places only locals know about... a handpicked selection of the coziest cafes, studios, workshops, small interior boutiques and the best food markets. well, susanne and her team has created an amazingly inspiring city guide just like that. and i love it.

susanne just sent me a copy of the guide for Munich, to do a review. and i must say, after flipping through, i really really reeeally want to take a trip to Munich. the notebook size is perfect to carry around, the pretty images so inviting and the total of more than one-hundred spots to visit, i am definitely inspired to explore Munich

i usually save EVERYTHING during travelling abroad, every buss ticket, every reseipt and so on...
but guess what, in this guide book they already thought about how you easily can save these treasures. they have attached a couple of paper envelopes bound into the book, where you can tuck it all in. along with plenty of blank pages for your personal notes along the way. that's brilliant!

it is written in both german and english, and you will also find a lot of websites to places you want to visit if you prefer doing some research before you go or during your trip!

the book comes with an elastic band to keep it all collected together when you are carrying it around, and a set of postcards as well!

this is definitely a highly recommended city guide to bring along to Munich. 

the Landmark Notes Munich is available for purchase here and here 


  1. Måtte bare innom for å si takk for alle de fine bildene du legger ut.
    Det er som balsam for sjelen å komme inn til deg.

    Ha en fin dag!

  2. great
    munich my love
    I lived there many many years and I´ll come back


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