14 November 2012

with a hint of attitude and snow effect

just came across this bright white
cool bedroom over at

the apartment is located in östermalm
and belongs to patric öhlund

i love everything about this bedroom

- - -

many of you have been emailing me asking about the snow effect on my blog, i am sorry i don't have the time to reply all of you, so here is a tip on how to get a snow effect for your blog:
just google snow effect for your current blog platform, and you will find a big variety of effects and different ways on how you easily can add these effects to your blog platform, whether it is blogger, wordpress, a web site etc. usually these articles are well written and will describe how you add these effects step-by-step. hope this was helpful! good luck!


  1. I love this bedroom too! ♥

  2. Love everything about it! Particularly the small shelves to exhibit the books from the front, really cool idea!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. me tooo !!! LOVE THAT ROOM!!!!

  5. This bedroom looks perfect! Love the book display!

  6. what gorgeous blog! I love it! It's very original! I am a follower from now. I hope you have to know my blog: arcencielblog.blogspot.com.es ♥

    kiss :D

  7. this snow just wont work on my blog... and i NEED it - it´s so pretty here...


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