22 March 2012

i think it's time for a kitchen make-over

kk 10/2012, photography sara svenningsrud, styling marie olsson nylander

love this kitchen make-over, from green to grey, found in a spread from the norwegian magazine, kk.
i have a similar '60s kitchen in my apartment, and i have been convinced it should be all white, like 
it is today. but when i saw this spread i just fell in love with this grey touch. so i think it is time for a 
tiny make-over with an all white base with light grey surfaces... or?

i would love to hear what you think?


  1. I lovethese kind of kitchen interiors - i'm looking for an apartment with one just like it (i'm a renter so most of the apartments awailable are oldish). White base with grey would be a classy update! :)

  2. Beautifully interior Kitchen.
    Everything is perfectly placed.
    Actual Exams

  3. Go for it, it will give a complete new look to your kitchen, grey furniture are the new black!... or white :)

  4. If I was you I would go for the grey !!

  5. Good idea!!!

  6. I love the grey!
    I have alot of grey in my house, and it gives me a calm all year round.
    I would say: Go for it!

    Helsing Bente


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