22 August 2011

hot hot hot

hot chocolate for cold winter nights 
mmmmmmmmm, looks jummy -right?

i stopped by a brand new interior shop today, here in oslo, called nest
bought some delicious clipper tea, hot chocolate and these funny "get the hint"-tags

you have to stop by the shop if you're in oslo -you're going to love it

pssst; they even sell cupcakes 


  1. Takk for tips, søte! :)

  2. Jeg tror jeg trenger disse lappene. Mannen er immun mot hint virker det som ;)


  3. I do hot choc everyday, even when its hot - but in the colder months i relish it, i'm actually looking for a creamy/beidge coloured mug cosie to make the event even cosier!!!!

  4. Älskar varm choklad, så tack för den;) Kram J

  5. I love it !

    Too bad that Oslo isn't on my way :)


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