20 May 2011

sooo excited

words can not describe how excited i am to see the movie "oslo, 31.august", in august

the actor anders danielsen lie did an excellent character in reprise (2006), one of my favourite norwegian movies of all times, and i am quite sure he will impress this time aswell. 

i absolutely love the work of director joachim trier, and the word is so did everybody in cannes this year.

finally friiiiday
happy weekend


  1. Unfortunately I haven't seen these both films:(
    But if you gave them such a good review I'll try to find them on DVD :)

    Happy weekend you too !

  2. Spennendes:)
    Ønsker deg en nydelig helg.)

  3. Gleder meg! Dyktig, dyktig:D

  4. Gleder meg, jeg også!

    Ønsker deg ei god helg

  5. I am really curious to watch it! ... thanks for the preview! xx have a lovely weekend!

  6. I have been following your blog for a long time and had to comment when you mentioned reprise. I love that movie and being from Toronto it's so hard to find anyone else whose seen it! I'm hoping his next film comes to TIFF so I can see it. Thanks for the preview!

  7. Hi Anja! So happy you left me a comment :) It is always nice to know who's reading my blog, and I am happy to hear you also like Reprise.
    I'll make a post about this film once I have seen it! I think the cinema premiere is august 31. here in Norway! Have a wonderful day! -cbg


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