15 March 2011

help japan

"japan is suffering. they need our help. thousands of people are homeless and in need of food, water and heat. hilda grahnat has opened a little help japan shop where she will be selling japan photo prints and collage postcard set (as shown above). all proceeds go direclty to japan earthquake and tsunami relief through the japan red cross society. For just 10 USD you will receive a print or a postcard set and at the same time donate money to those in need."

i just ordered this beautiful japan collage postcard set


  1. Jepp, det skal jeg også gjøre.


  2. just beautiful ... i run to this website!!!!

  3. Så bra !!! Det skal jeg også :)
    Så godt å kunne gjøre litt...

    Ha en strålendes dag :)

  4. Takk for et veldig bra tips, håper mange kjøper disse fine kortene og hjelper Japan!


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