27 January 2011

today's illustration love

© MisseMai Prints

I really looove these adorable black and white illustrations made by Mia-Louise Mailund, and if you'd like to get to know Mia-Louise a little bit better and her ideas behind the Misse Mai Prints, you can read a sweet interview with her over at Little Red Bus

...and don't miss my MisseMai Print give away where the beautiful illustration 'the old oak's last dream' can be yours. 

happy sunny thursday


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this lovely post, Im happy you like all of my illustrations. Have a beautiful day. Mia-Louise xxxx

  2. WOW - HVOR ER DE SKØNNE. Sååån fine. Vil starks hoppe hen til din give-away:-)

  3. Nyyydelige var de!
    Ha en fin kveld!:)

    Duse Pasteller

  4. grattis med lovely teapot :)
    lytter til lissie sin plate for tiden jeg også, råbra..


  5. Sååå fina tavlor, LOVE IT!!

    Ha en härlig kväll!

    Kram Linda


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